Facilities Service

The labor market is rapidly changing. This means that hiring managers must find ways to adapt, or they might find themselves missing out on top talent in their industry. Seattle Search Group has been in the recruitment business long enough to recognise these patterns of change, and how to stay on top of the game. We match facilities service companies with diligent and ambitious candidates, creating a smoother hiring process for both parties.

Our facilities service recruiters are experts in their field, and they recognize a great candidate when they see one. Moreover, they understand when they have found the perfect candidate for your needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to find people who will thrive in their new jobs, and who will help you move your business forward; whether you are looking for employees for a long-term project, or a temporary one. if you have skills in data centers, corporate facilities, retail, or with commercial HVAC. we will help you find a suitable position for you to excel in your career. We know that it can be difficult to find a new job without the right network, so we will share our contacts of industry professionals with you. Our goal is for each company, and each candidate to find their perfect match – limiting turnovers, and increasing job satisfaction.