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Search Group Solutions
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SGS is a team of nationwide recruiting experts who specialize
in staffing and recruiting, partnering
with top companies.


Search Group Solutions is a nationwide employment agency with recruiting experts who specialize in staffing and partnering with America’s top companies to fill critical positions. With over 20 years of staffing experience and a multi-state team, we have developed strong relationships with the best talent and companies in the market.

Positions we work on:


Finding the right candidate for a senior level position requires more from the people in charge of hiring, parallel to the extensive responsibility given to the future employee.
Whether you are looking for a potential CEO, or a COO, your new colleague must be both experienced and have the right personality traits for the job.
We remove the time and money you would normally spend on finding such a candidate, as we utilise our large network of professionals to locate the perfect candidate for you.



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Executive Search

It is a pro-active method, in which we identify the best available candidates from our research, contacts, database or knowledge of various industries, and simply from knowing who’s who in many different fields.

Executive search is the recommended method of recruitment when seeking a senior-level executive with exceptional skills and experience. This process enables our experts to identify individuals who are not necessarily seeking a change of employment, therefore considerably broadening the range of potential candidates available.

Direct Hire

Our Contingency Search is a results-focused service, with fees paid only after a candidate is successfully placed. On a contingent basis we research, identify and introduce qualified candidates, manage the interview and selection process, provide detailed references and background information, negotiate compensation and provide valuable feedback after candidates start.

With Direct Hire search Our clients are only billed for service if a candidate is successfully hired. There’s no better risk-free way to bring top talent directly into your organization.


With over 20 years of staffing experience and a multi-state team


John Herd

Owner/ Recruiter


Justin Towns

Sr Recruiter


Brooke Bradbury

Business Development/Recruiter


Chad Hutchins

Managing Partner-Search Group Solutions and Veterans Search Group


Olivia Lewis

Recruitment Specialist


Christopher J. Lando – Veteran United States Air Force

Recruiting Manager | Business Development Manager